1. Submissions should be sent in electronic format via e-mail as a doc, docx, or rtf file.
  2. A research paper should not exceed 30 standard typed pages (1800 characters per page: 30 lines per page, 60 characters per line). The Editor reserves the right to abridge and edit submitted texts, as well as to change their titles.
  3. A submitted manuscript of a research article should include:
    1. author’s name and surname, e-mail address,
    2. ORCID iD
    3. affiliation,title,
    4. outline of contents (400-700 characters),
    5. 5–7 keywords
    6. the text,
    7. list of the works cited; the list should contain the list of the secondary literature and the list of the sources. Arrange the list in alphabetical order according to surname of the first author. Author's initials should follow the surname.
    8. an abstract of the article (1000–1800 characters). It should be a factual summary of the contents and conclusions of the paper, refer to new information that is being presented, and indicate its relevance
    9. short information about the author  (300–500 characters).
  4. Reviews should include in the header: name and surname of the author of the reviewed work; full title; names and surnames of editors (if needed); number of volumes, place and year of publication, the name of publisher, number of pages, title of the series (if needed).
    The footer should include the name and surname of the author of the review, ORCID iD and his/her affiliation.
  1. Submitted manuscripts should not be formatted. Italics can be used in footnotes and Latin citations.
  2. Manuscripts for each yearbook should be sent not later than on 31st of December of the preceding year. Articles, which have not been ordered, are not returned to their authors.